1. Asking for help is okay... actually, it's a necessity
    Let's face it, you can't learn Pokémon GO by just looking at the app... instructions are seriously lacking. Asking IRL frienda for help is a must and it's a lot of fun to learn together!
  2. When we work together, everyone comes out better
    Plant lures around your friends and everyone gets more Pokémon! Be around other people and get more Pokémon. There's enough for everyone.
  3. Sometimes you have to go to places outside your comfort zone to find new things
    If you stick the same old spots, you'll just keep finding the same Pokémon.
  4. You are surrounded by people who might look very different than you, but you almost certainly have something in common
    How many pokéstops have you been at and found a family, some teenagers and some high-class executives all throwing pokéballs? All the time.
  5. The world is a big place
    So many pokéstops and so many new interesting corners of my city to explore. I had no idea!!!
  6. Stretch before exercising, drink water and wear sunscreen
    Lots of walking will tire the legs. Water prevents heat stoke. Pokéstops aren't shady.
  7. People with money will get further ahead than you
    Let's be honest, if you don't got money, it's just plain harder to get ahead and you might never get as far as those who have.
  8. Some decisions are permanent
    Once you chose a nickname and team, you are stuck with it. Sometimes you have to chose wisely and think before acting.
  9. Not everyhing is easy, just keep trying
    Some Pokémon are a b*tch to catch and you might run out of pokéballs before getting them. Be patient, failure is normal and if you keep trying you'll catch 'em all.