1. The smell of stale smoke that pours from a bar as you walk by
    Deceased: 2005 (Calgary passed bylaw 57m92 to put a ban on smoking in indoor public spaces)
  2. Biking home excitedly with a movie the video store clerk recommended based on your previous rentals.
    Deceased: 2014 (the last independent video rental store in Calgary shut its doors)
  3. Knowing the sequence of key presses to write common words like LOL (555666555)
    Deceased: approximately 2006 (The dawn of smart phones has all but killed this tradition)
  4. Dial-up tones
    Deceased: approximately 2001 (With more homes upgrading to broadband internet in the 2000s, these annoying squeels are a thing of the past)
  5. Eight character file names
    Deceased: 1995 (Although many computers I remember using seemed to hold onto this annoying habit for far far too long)
  6. Being bored
    Deceased: 2006 (Always plugged in, there's no time to have nothing to do)