1. French
    Almost all my youtube ads are in french, except for the ones that think I'm...
  2. A student
    So many resources for studying and writing papers. I graduated ten years ago.
  3. Game of Thrones fan
    And I've never watched the show. Not once. And I never search for it either.
  4. A fashionista
    Dear ads for clothing: I am definitely not interested
  5. Someone who doesn't have a fridge
    Oh, but I do... and I definitely don't need one.
  6. Someone who cares about celebrities
    Nope. Don't care. Stop throwing your shitty clickbait at me Internet.
  7. Interested in ponzy schemes to make money
    But guess what?? I don't want you sketchy business
  8. A writer, possibly a screenwriter even
    Thanks internet.... for believing in me when no one else does. 😒