1. Listen. I probably have all the requisit female anatomy and genes.
    Anatomically, you could say I'm female.
  2. No doctor has ever raised concerns.
  3. Yet, there have been multiple episodes in my life where I tried being a boy/man.
    None of them turned out successfully.
  4. I've never felt like a female or felt like I fit in with the girls/women/ladies.
  5. Still, I find myself drawn to a feminine style and female expression.
    Which seems a bit weird since I identify most strongly as androgynous in gender.
  6. Because let's face it...
  7. Women have way more ways to express themselves in the fashion department:
  8. Colourful tights and leggings
  9. Pants... and also anything else
    I hate pants. I find them terribly uncomfortable. Luckily, females have skirts at their disposal. Skirts and dresses are exceptionally swishy, come in a wide variety of prints and styles, and adapt to any occasion.
  10. So many prints and patterns
    There is always a pattern to fit my mood. The world of patterns is my oyester.
  11. Makeup
    Transformational! This is really when I feel like a magician, able to transform my look into whatever I want. Eyebrows. No eyebrows. Fuller lips. Sleepier eyes. Angular jaw.
  12. To express as a female gives me endless options to express my moods and personality.
    It's not going to work for everybody.
  13. But it's also what I have to work with.
  14. No matter what I've tried, I've never been able to hide my female anatomy.
  15. And to be honest, I feel very fortunate to be able to use this form of expression without being ridiculed, mocked or harrassed for it.
  16. Because many people can't do this.
    So many men of diverse identities have bemoaned being laughed at or fearing being laughed at if they tried my style.
  17. Because its a hella great way to express!!!
    And *that's* why I do it (or 60% of why I do it....)