Okay, I know better now. My definitions follow; The internet can give you the real definition.
  1. Lucrative
    Definition: A shady money making endeavor that makes one filthy rich by illegal means.
  2. Pudding
    Definition: A non-Newtonian type fluid dessert with a custard consistency. Served in a cup or bowl.
  3. Iconoclast
    Definition: One who acts as a backwards role model.
  4. Lamb
    Definition: A baby goat
  5. Gregarious
    Definition: Lanky and awkward
  6. Equivocate
    Definition: Toss back and forth to avoid making a decision.
  7. Prosaic
    Definition: Beautifully spoken and prophetic
  8. Pejorative
    Definition: Have the tendency to make worse.
  9. Dearth
    Definition: abundance
  10. Munificence
    Definition: A cunning evil