After having lived in Singapore for about 20 yrs and the Bay Area for 6, here are a couple of places I've been able to get my usual fixes. Check out the entree, dessert and drinks list too.
  1. Roti prata
    Lots of places serve this but my personal favorite is here.
  2. Kaya toast
    Pales in comparison to true Singaporean versions, but at least it's here.
  3. Chai tow kway
    Didn't expect to find this here, and not at any of the other Southeast Asian places.
  4. Poh piah
    Better than spring rolls.
  5. Curry puffs
    Not always there, but home made and kind of like a samosa.
  6. Satay
    Southeast Asian skewers - better than kebabs, but not as good as yakitori.
  7. Otak otak
    Spicy fish paste in a banana leaf.
  8. Chwee kueh
    Morning appetizer/snack in Singapore, but served on the dessert pastry menu here (the only savory dish).
  9. Fried squid
    Used to like it from Tapioca Express, but now my favorite is from this jap supermarket.
  10. Takoyaki
    Jap food is popular in Singapore too.
  11. Zong zi
    Chinese rice dumpling snack.
  12. Pandan waffle
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    So close to home, but just misses the generous kaya/peanut butter filling. Can be eaten plain still.