After having lived in Singapore for about 20 yrs and the Bay Area for 6, here are a couple of places I've been able to get my usual fixes. Check out the entree, appetizer and drinks list too.
  1. Goreng pisang
    Fried banana, 'nuff said.
  2. Durian puffs
    Pastries with real durian custard.
  3. Ice kacang
    Assorted nuts and jello underneath a mountain of flavored ice.
  4. Chendol
    Milky icey dessert.
  5. Pulut hitam
    Literal translation "black rice", but kind of a red bean like soupy dessert.
  6. Kaya pancake
    Sweet coconut jam inside a fried prata "pancake". The prata isn't the best pastry for the kaya, but at least the kaya's great.
  7. Nonya kueh
    Peranakan pastries - some kind of glutinous rice flour cake desserts. Best thing ever with lots of flavors. Often sold out, or only 1 kind available.
  8. Durian ice cream
    Really awesome they have this flavor here.