After having lived in Singapore for about 20 yrs and the Bay Area for 6, here are a couple of places I've been able to get my usual fixes. Check out the entree, dessert and appetizer list too.
  1. Kopi - most forms
    Lots of the southeast asian places serve this Singapore style coffee, but this has the best customization, quality and price. Of course, this place is named "coffee shop".
  2. Teh tarik
    "Pulled" tea Indian style, best place to find this.
  3. Bubble tea
    Closest to Singapore's Koi, especially for the "creama" types. Everyone probably has their own favorite location for boba.
  4. Grass jelly
    Surprisingly found this drink here at this boba place.
  5. Fresh soy milk
    Just like home, slightly sweet, not curdled.
  6. Fresh coconut water
    $4.50 per young coconut, but so good, and you can eat the flesh too.
  7. Fresh sugar cane juice
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    Has a hint of lime juice in this one, which isn't usually found locally, but tastes great too.
  8. Yakult
    My favorite lactobacillus acidophilus.
  9. Yeo's packet drinks
    Assorted flavors - winter melon tea, lychee, soya milk, chrysanthemum tea.