After having lived in Singapore for about 20 yrs and the Bay Area for 6, here are a couple of places I've been able to get my usual fixes. Check out the appetizers, desserts and drinks list too.
  1. Mee pok
    Pales in comparison to the real stuff, but after 4 years away from home, better than nothing.
  2. Chicken rice
    Personal favorite Singaporean dish (in SG).
  3. Hokkien mee
    Only place you can find this in the Bay. Shiok always gets my business if I crave this dish.
  4. Nasi goreng
    Fried rice Indonesian style.
  5. Nasi lemak
    Coconut "rich" rice. With awesome sambal chilli.
  6. Kway teow soup
    Flat noodle dish.
  7. Char kway teow
    Quintessential Singaporean dish. Fried rice noodles.
  8. Hor fun
    Called "egg chow fun" on the menu, but just like the local hor fun.
  9. Beef rendang
    Special kind of beef curry.
  10. Sambal kang kong
    Favorite veggie dish, with the spicy chilli sauce.
  11. Assam laksa
    Sour laksa dish, more Malaysian / Ipoh style.
  12. Curry laksa
    What Singaporeans would prefer. But still not as great as Katong laksa, which can't be found here.
  13. Chilli crab
    King crab in an awesome sweet chilli sauce. It's all about this sauce, and not the crab. Can eat special buns with this sauce.
  14. Black pepper crab
    This crab is more about the spiced up crab. Great dish to lick your fingers to.
  15. Lontong
    Soupy/gravy-like Indonesian dish with rice cakes.
  16. Char siew wonton noodles
    Closest to home, compared to Cooking Papa's.
  17. Bak kut teh
    Wasn't a fan, but it's a place that has this dish at least.
  18. Loh shi fun
    Mouse-tail noodles. Great texture for noodles, with a spicy belacan taste.
  19. Yu sheng
    A raw fish salad dish that only Singaporeans eat during the lunar new year, I'm not sure how this custom originated.
  20. Bak chor mee
    Minced meat noodle dish. Kind of like mee pok.
  21. Mee siam
    Thin noodles with sour spicy gravy.