UPDATE: I've done everything but the last three, and I've noticed that everything on this list includes spending money and I hate myself for it.
  1. Get my eyebrows and lip waxed
    I haven't ever gotten my lip waxed but we're going to try today because I think they both desperately need it.
  2. Buy Vera Bradley duffel and Sperry's
    I know it was just Christmas and I was just blessed with a ton of stuff but I think I'm going to need a new duffel to take everything back to school and I need new neutral shoes to wear anyway and they are comfy and I need that
  3. Buy coconut oil at Trader Joe's
    Because my skin gets dry at school and coconut oil is supposed to be a savior apparently
  4. Get folders and notebooks for school
    I know I'm bringing a ton of stuff back to school but it's just less I have to buy there!
  5. Buy a new clip
    For my hair because my other one finally broke
  6. Buy more bra socks
    If I'm getting Sperry's I need more bra socks because now I will have multiple shoes that require them