1. New combat type boots
    That I need to figure out how to lace so they look cute
  2. Sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt, and a sweater
    Because keeping warm is useful
  3. Three new pies of socks to keep my feet warm
  4. Two (TWO) new pairs of slippers to warm my feet!
  5. A Patagonia pull over for the ultimate cuteness and warmth
  6. Two new well-fitting bras
  7. Nail polish in my schools colors
  8. A new waterproof backpack
  9. Two new pairs of pajama pants
  10. Multiple iTunes gift cards
  11. Pepper spray
    Because all a girl wants for Christmas is pepper spray and ultimate safety. I think it's sad that I should be relieved that I received this. No one should have to receive pepper spray for Christmas and be excited because it means there might be a use for it and that's scary
  12. A keychain and ID holder for school
    FINALLY I won't be a lanyard holder!