A couple of years ago, my partner Stephen discovered that if he asks me to tell him a secret when I am asleep, occasionally, I will. These are the secrets. (For the record I am always bad at secrets so it's always nice to see what sleep-me considers secretive)
  1. "I ate the last two birthday cake Oreos"
    This was the secret that led to Steph discovering this was a thing
  2. "I love you"
    Not a secret, but aw isn't this nice, I'm so nice
  3. "I have a crush on D"
    Fairly sure it had already come up but don't think I had said it for sure
  4. "I used my body butter I bought for $60"
    Yeah I used this before bed and felt kind of badly about it. Still do. Except, I mean, not
  5. Mumbling in vietnamese
    No way for him to know what I revealed here
  6. Nonsense mumbling in English
    No luck here either
  7. Something about raccoons
    Neither of us remember what, so who knows