Thoughts & prayers to all those still working retail this holiday season.
  1. "There's no price so it's free!"
    What we say - "Haha! Wouldn't that be nice!" What we want to say - "You're not funny or original at all. Get out of my line."
  2. Two words: sweaty money.
    They make wallets for a reason! Keep your sweaty boob & ass money to yourself!
  3. Food fingers.
    Is it just me? Has anyone worked in a clothing store and had a customer touching the clothing with food ALL. OVER. THEIR. HANDS?!?!
  4. Hanger phobia.
    Seriously - they don't bite! It's really okay to hang the clothes back on their hangers before heading out of the dressing room.
  5. Endlessly looping music.
    Working an 8 hour shift? Be prepared to hear the same songs at least three times over. Is it after Halloween? Don't worry! There are at least five different versions of the same Christmas songs on loop now for your entertainment!