movies i love

  1. stuck in love
  2. the first time
  3. love, rosie
  4. crazy, stupid, love
  5. new year's eve
  6. this means war
  7. john tucker must die
  8. titanic
  9. behaving badly
  10. laggies
  11. she's the man
  12. a cinderella story
  13. palo alto
  14. the mortal instruments: city of bones
  15. keith
  16. the perks of being a wallflower
  17. two night stand
  18. definitely, maybe
  19. the descendants (2011)
    not to be confused with that one disney movie (good disney movies are: the lizzie mcguire movie, hsm 1 2 & 3, teen beach movie **the sequal wasn't that great, stuck in the suburbs, my date with the president's daughter, pixel perfect, zenon, hannah montana: the movie, and lots more that i forget atm!!)