It's been one month since I deleted all my dating apps. This is what life has been like since!
  1. More Netflix, less chill.
  2. Only one person met IRL, followed by two dates, one kiss, and one handshake.
  3. More time for non-Netflix hobbies.
    Like rereading all of Harry Potter, hiking, coloring, stretching, folding my socks.
  4. More talking, less doing.
    Talking about dating, sex, work. Not doing much of any.
  5. The most romantic getaway of my weekend (at a winery with family).
  6. Less neck and shoulder pain.
  7. Healthier dinners.
    Not going on dates = not eating out = cooking food.
  8. Lost role as fun and funky dating Kait.
    I used to pull Tinder stories out as a party trick (this worked great when talking to non-singles!). All my stories have officially been told. 😒
  9. Renewed family interest in marrying me off.
    Advice so far includes wearing more makeup to attract men, accepting set-ups from the other side of the globe, drinking less, etc.
  10. WAY less stress and WAY more fun with platonic friends.