I'm headed to a conference (APHA for my public health pals) to screen a new film (https://twitter.com/kaaiiit/status/660459555739066368). But this list isn't about that.
  1. There was a heroes' welcome at the gate near mine!
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    I've never gotten to go to one so I was happy to stumble on this one. For non-DC people, this is when an honor flight of veterans lands in a DC airport, and people come to welcome them as they walk off the plane. There are lots of flags and cheering and singing military songs (and usually one of the military bands or choirs is there)! This morning's was a plane of WWII, Korean War, and Vietnam War vets.
  2. I have never said "thank you for your service" so many times, and meant it every time.
  3. I was so excited about the veterans I forgot coffee. 😒
  4. Which made me 10x more annoyed when I had to gate check my carryon.
    And 50x more annoyed when I saw an empty overhead bin near my seat.
  5. But I don't really care, because I hugged a 95 year old WWII vet today!
    Which is about how old my grandfather would be if he were living, and he was a WWII vet too, so it felt really special. And made me feel sad that I didn't know him more (he's been gone since I was 10), but glad that there are still people here telling that piece of his story.