😶 How is he such a genius?
  1. Dont sleep to see your dreams see them in life for yourself....if you are your dream then you dont have to sleep to see them
  2. Creativity comes from yourself and yourself can be creating things that you want to happen for yourself
  3. If you were me you couldnot achieve what I have because you are you. Achieve your dreams for yourself not for me
  4. How can you walk in someone else shoes? You don't have same feet! Use your own shoes. Shoes don't get you where you want. Feet do
  5. To find what is inside you you must look outside of you....That is where we all begin to see the real you and me too
  6. Limits are only limits when they limit what you can do for you self...Try and reach beyond your limits and everything becomes without limits
  7. What is more to life then LOVE . Lots more then just that. Be blind to love and you will find it; or not. who cares! Be happy!