Most of these — except LOTR — involved Dad saying "we're watching all of _______ this weekend and you don't have a choice" and me being annoyed at first and obsessed later.
  1. The Matrix
    Verdict: 1 was life changing, 2 was everything I could have wanted in a sequel, and 3 was a not-great blur.
  2. Bourne films (when they were a trilogy)
    Verdict: loved these from the moment Jason opened the bank vault. Dad and I did see Bourne Legacy in theaters when it came out, but it's not part of the trilogy in my mind.
  3. Star Wars (the real/original trilogy)
    Verdict: I don't actually remember the first time I saw these films, but I grew up loving them. I saw the second trilogy as it was released, but not commenting on it.
  4. Lord of the Rings
    Verdict: obsessed, obviously. My dad read these books out loud to us at the dinner table every night for a chunk of my childhood, and I was hooked from the start. Personal favorite: The Two Towers.
  5. The Terminator (again, pre-2009 when it was a trilogy)
    Verdict: honestly, loved these too. What can I say, my dad knows my taste (even if I doubt him at first)!! The first 3 were awesome, 4 was just bizarre, and don't get me started on this Genisys shit. 😐