I landed in Mozambique at 8pm Sunday after about 24 hours of traveling. Unfortunately, I was beat and slept nearly the whole way here, it's now 6am on Monday and I've slept an hour.
  1. You'd think I'd have this down by now.
    I fly to and from East and Southern Africa several times a year for work. Jet lag and I have a system going! What happened?!
  2. I forgot my melatonin, which is a huge part of the problem.
  3. Another big problem is I slept for about 12 of the 18 hours I spent in the air on the way here.
    This is normally a no-no, but I was exhausted after a week at a conference in Chicago. Long days of networking and learning paired with long nights of catching up on work make Kait a sleepy lady.
  4. I've also been experiencing a lot of anxiety and insomnia in my non-jet-lagged life.
  5. Two hours into not sleeping, I caved and started a Private Practice marathon.
    I KNOW you're not supposed to watch tv when you can't sleep, but I was almost at the crossover episode with Grey's where Archer has parasitic cysts in his brain!!!
  6. I'm now supposed to co-lead a two-day kickoff and planning meeting for a project I manage.
    And then turn around and do this insomnia business again on Wednesday, when I fly home to DC.
  7. This is all still worth it, right?