Trying a new place that is supposedly amazing, if a lil odd. Here goes! Complete with weirdly lit photos because this is a massage parlor I guess??
  1. Walked in to an empty/silent waiting room.
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    First thought: Am I in the right place? Is it closed?
  2. Obviously not, because I got in.
  3. The lighting here is weird.
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    Like, this light is spotlighting a bowl of mints. I took a mint.
  4. There is another bowl of mints across from me.
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    See how dark it is?! Is this normal and I just never went to normal massage places?
  5. I got up to look around bc I'm clearly alone here.
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    There was obviously someone else here at some point! 1- where did they go? and 2- not a great idea to leave your purse out in the open and disappear.
  6. Seriously, it's been 15 minutes. Did I walk into some sort of alternate reality? Did the world end quietly?
  7. At least this place is festive.
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  8. A tall muscly man walked out. Is HE my masseuse?
    Oh. No. But I am relieved there are still other humans on the planet!!
  9. Someone else is here for an appt. These are her legs.
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    Super relieved I'm not here alone.
  10. Footsteps! And a strong looking masseuse!
  11. UPDATE: I am the happiest bowl of jelly you've ever met
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