I'm like, really good at well rounded breakfasts, guys.
  1. One of the only things I ate that I bought specifically so I could eat well on little time. That didn't end up happening.
  2. Regretted this almost immediately
  3. Leftover chicken salad, shoveled directly from the Tupperware to my mouth while simultaneously getting dressed
  4. Nothing but Adderall. You'd think I'd know better by now to eat something before I take my meds, but nah. I regretted this a few hours later.
  5. Perfect for when you oversleep, need something that you can ignore while it's cooking AND bring the leftovers for lunch
  6. Cheap decaf coffee and plain doughnuts from the polish bakery down the block from my apartment. Best damn doughnuts I've ever had, and they cost 50 cents a piece. Coffee is only 75 cents. I could live off of these doughnuts.