1. I am bringing a literal cardboard box of makeup and toiletries to a place where I already have all my basic and day to day toiletries
  2. I have packed two pairs of the same jeans, and they're not even jeans I like that much
    They are slightly too big and have a tendency to slide down throughout the day
  3. Between what I am bringing now and what is already there I'm pretty sure I couldn't even fit it all in my car to bring back at once
    I'm going to hate myself later when it is time to bring it all home
  4. I am literally out of bags and suitcases
    I've even used all the reusable grocery bags and totes I own
  5. I brought at least one dress that is slightly too small for me
    Like, why? Do I expect I'll magically shrink and fit into it?
  6. At least two of the bras I packed have the underwire poking out
    Just in case?
  7. There are two different box sets of the Harry Potter series that I brought with me.
    Tbh, I wanted to show off the one because the covers are so pretty, but I also don't want to read them yet because they are still perfect.
  8. It took me four trips to get everything in the car and this was just the stuff I decided to bring up after I already brought most of my stuff up there.
  9. I'm basically moving, but without any furniture.
    Good job. Definitely necessary. Won't regret this at all.
  10. Despite bringing almost everything I own, I still tried to leave without my phone charger.