This list made me realize that I have some weird food habits. Finally filled this request by @theranman
  1. Jasmine rice
    I use this for so many things. chicken, creamed spinach and soft boiled eggs, just by itself with hot sauce and cheese.
  2. Forks
    I either have a disproportionate number of spoons and knives or keep losing them I don't even know anymore
  3. Hot sauces
    I might have a problem but I'm okay with it
  4. Fresh basil
    The best herb. From fresh pesto, to caprese salad, to using it in place of lettuce in wraps and sandwiches I love it so much. I will eat almost anything if you tell me it has basil in it.
  5. Spinach
    Might be my favorite leafy green
  6. Flavored sparkling water
    Either LaCroix or Trader Joe's.
  7. Garlic
    I love garlic more than anything. I'll even eat it raw on crackers with a little butter.
  8. Black tea
    I don't drink much coffee anymore because caffeine doesn't mix well with my meds, and tea always makes me feel like I'm not cheating as much.
  9. Fermented sauerkraut
    It's delicious and I usually eat it by itself.
  10. Pepper jelly
    Preferably homemade by me. So good that I don't even mind the chemical burns I get when I forget to wear gloves while making it
  11. Cheese
    Both as a result of eating it and buying too much and having it mold before I can eat it. I have weird cycles of dairy eating, I either eat way too much or none at all and I never know what it will be.
  12. Wheat Thins
    These are just the perfect cracker. Often combined with the pepper jelly and cheese
  13. Root Vegetable Chips
    Just, I could eat these forever
  14. Dried pasta
    It's my go-to cheap and easy meal when I don't feel like spending too much time and effort cooking