Inspired by all the memes I've seen matching the candidates with characters without putting any actual thought into it.
  1. Hillary Clinton = Albus Dumbledore
    Beliefs they held as a teenager drastically different than their current beliefs, (muggle subjugation/Goldwater Girl) Either loved or hated, not much middle ground for how people feel about them. Viewed as manipulative and using people to achieve their own goals, know how to play the system. Fighting the good fight, essentially, but misguided at times in how they go about it.
  2. Bernie Sanders = Arthur Weasley
    Has solid beliefs, is often underestimated and ignored by the ministry/political sphere because of their beliefs and support for the underdog. Can sometimes get a bit carried away and look for loopholes that help them out/give them access to methods that they fight against others using. (Enchanting muggle objects/courting super delegates)
  3. JillNotHill-ers = Aberforth Dumbledore
    Bitter, thinks Albus is both a fool and evil and manipulative. Would rather give up and have the world burn than continue to fight in a manner that makes sense, and isn't shooting oneself in the foot. Blames Albus for destruction of their life. Refuses to see how Albus could have changed, or regretted anything.
  4. Donald Trump = Walburga Black
    Screams and yells at anyone or anything slightly different, bigoted, set off at the slightest provocation.
  5. Ted Cruz = Dolores Umbridge
    Evil and hated. They have terrible beliefs and stubbornly cling to them no matter the truth. No one can stand either of their faces without entering into a blinding rage. They both try to hide aspects of their heritage, Cruz being Canadian, and Umbridge being half-blood. Look, if someone told me Cruz's office contained numerous decorative plates of technicolor kittens I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.
  6. Trump Supporters = Kreacher pre-DH
    Listens to Walburga Black without a second thought, mutters and says bigoted things and pretends like they didn't or that you misunderstood them. Will likely lead to tragedy.
  7. Martin O'Malley = Background Character Only Mentioned Once
    And then never seen again. Never really mattered in the scheme of the larger narrative of the books/primary.
  8. Ralph Nader = The Bloody Baron
    In love with the Grey Lady and her family, attacks and kills her. Regrets it. Spends later years wearing chains of penitence but also weird and creepy, much like the way Nader's Green Party was seen as having a hand in the downfall of Gore and destroying any chance at implementing the environmental policies they loved.
  9. Al Gore = The Grey Lady
    Fucked over by the Bloody Baron. Blames self for rise of Voldemort.
  10. Dick Cheney = Voldemort
    Behind the scenes a lot of times, willing to curse/shoot "friends". Evil. Kind of a puppet master, seriously fucks shit up for everyone else. Seemingly immortal.
  11. George W. Bush = Nagini
    Controlled by Voldemort. Essential to Voldemort's power, does his bidding. Must be destroyed in order to destroy the Dark Lord.
  12. The Bush Twins = Parvati Patil & Lavender Brown
    Seen as flighty party girls, probably smarter than made out to be, not really sure what they've been up to since they left the spotlight.
  13. Barack Obama = Neville Longbottom
    Came out of nowhere, the underdog who became powerful and brave, the hero we needed. Out of fucks to give by the end. Destroys Nagini.
  14. Joe Biden = Luna Lovegood
    Eccentric and weird, sometimes says stuff without thinking or a filter, but means it. You can't help but love them. Has faced a great deal of loss but remains kind and honest. Fights for what they believe in.
  15. Michelle Obama = Ginny Weasley
    Total badass, powerful, speaks their mind. Gets lots of undeserved hate from people who refuse to see past her husband's politics/read the damn book. Fierce, loyal, and just amazing.
  16. John McCain = Rufus Scrimgeour
    Goes from good to bad to good and back to bad repeatedly. War Hero/Auror who wants to lead, tough, kind of an asshole at times. Lashes out when things get rough or don't go how they want, keeps shifty and shitty people in power, accuses innocent people of terrible things in order to make themselves look better.
  17. John Boehner = Draco Malfoy
    A dick and a bully for several years who we love to hate. Cries when things don't go his way. Seemingly has a change of heart and says "Fuck this."
  18. Ruth Bader Ginsberg = Minerva McGonagall
    Obviously. OBVIOUSLY. Badass women who fight the good fight, are amazing at what they do, can give a scolding like no one else, and probably own tartan dressing gowns.
  19. Paul Ryan = Percy Weasley
    Pompous, stubborn arse who works for the ministry/government who can't see beyond what they choose to believe until an even bigger jackass comes along and threatens to fuck shit up, making them reevaluate their position and their beliefs, continues working there despite their budding personal disagreement, could possibly come around.
  20. Elizabeth Warren = Hermione Granger
    Incredibly intelligent, outspoken, fights for the little guy. Can be misguided at times and go overboard, such as knitting and hiding hats for house elves or using supposed Native heritage to get ahead. Often deserves more credit than they get.
  21. Chris Christie = Peter Pettigrew
    Craves power, joins those who he thinks can give it to them. Corrupt, would probably fuck anyone over to get what they want. Runs errands and does what those whose power they crave want them to, like cutting off their hand or fetching food (or McDonald's...)
  22. Lindsey Graham = Ernie MacMillian
    Seems pompous, and comes across as kind of an asshole, but makes you kind of like them despite yourself when they speak up against awful people/shit, such as speaking up in support of Harry when the ministry was trying to discredit him/speaking out against Trump.
  23. Jeb Bush = Ron Weasley
    Overshadowed by his brothers, a bit bumbling at times. Often made to be the butt of the joke, even by his own family. Just trying to do his best, can be cruel at times.
  24. Joseph McCarthy = Cornelius Fudge
    Paranoia and hatred leads to interference and terrible laws, also leads to the end of their careers. Kept on in government in some capacity, but ignored and seen as terrible and incompetent. Controlled by fear.
  25. Ann Coulter = Rita Skeeter
    Writes terrible shit for their own gain, twisting and manipulating the facts to fit them. Somehow popular with a certain sector and believed, even when what they write is blatantly false.
  26. Alexander Hamilton = Lin-Manuel Miranda
    No one can convince me Lin isn't an actual wizard. NO ONE.