Weird Harry Potter Memorabilia I Kept - Part I

I store most of it at my parents', and decided to go through it while I'm visiting. Here are some of the weirdest things from the first box.
  1. Opened but barely eaten Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans that are at least a decade old by now.
    Of course I'm still keeping them
  2. Numerous store flyers that advertise the release of Half Blood Prince
    Because of course I kept these. The $49 personal CD player on the cover only adds to the magic
  3. A Draco/Harry erotic fanfiction that I apparently deemed so good I had to print it out and keep it.
    Actually pretty good, tbh. Good job, 15 year old Kaitlin, good job.
  4. A French Prisoner of Azkaban movie poster with Remus Lupin looking like an awkward creeper in the background
    I mean, posters alone not weird, but those poses are.
  5. A weird poster of Daniel Radcliffe apparently lounging on the set of Goblet of Fire
    See above
  6. A Prisoner of Azkaban coloring book with only this page colored.
    Ron is looking glam as fuck
  7. The movie showtimes from a local newspaper
    There are more of these than I'd care to admit.
  8. TWO copies of the exact same PoA movie poster book.
    Pretty sure I probably forgot I already owned it and bought it again
  9. Empty HP Valentines Card boxes.
    No cards, just the shells they came in.
  10. Griphook and Harry action figures featuring spiderweb robes for Harry, and slime with which to pour over Griphook.
    I guess the goblin/wizard relations weren't strained enough in the books so they decided slime was the way to go.