Thank you for requesting this @wwjcd but it kind of evolved into best gossip girl moments and there are so many but whatever I love this show so much
  1. Serena's mysterious and slutty boarding school past that they're always alluding to
  2. Lily Van Der Woodsen's mysterious and slutty past that they're always alluding to
    Which leads me to my favorite episode of all time which is when they do a flashback to Lily running away to LA as a teen (played by Brittany Snow)
  3. Whatever happened in Santorini with Carter Basin
    Seriously what happened in Santorini because oh my god they always talk about it and I would sell my soul to know
  4. That time we find out SERENA MURDERED SOMEONE
    Sure, it was a drug-related accident but she was still living with that guilt, you guys!!! AND she was being blackmailed! Which brings me to...
  5. ANY time Georgina comes back
    It's always bad news but it's always so so good. Like the blackmailing incident I mentioned above. Or when she comes back and says she gave birth to Dan's baby. Or when she reveals that Lily and Rufus gave that baby up for adoption. OOr when she shows up at NYU and makes that fake sorority. She's an evil genius.
  6. That time when Blair out-Georgina'd Georgina
    And called her PARENTS to come get her!!! And then Blair says "I'm the crazy bitch around here" and we all remember that nobody should ever step to Blair.
  7. AGNES
    The rebellious model played by Willa Holland turns Jenny bad and then they throw the guerilla fashion show and then they move in together and Agnes burns all Jenny's dresses while she just stands by and watches. So good.
  8. Poppy Lifton- the socialite?
    When Blair tells the models to go home at her mom's fashion show and Poppy tells Serena not to dim down her sparkle to preserve Blair's feelings, it's only the beginning of Poppy Lifton and her treachery.
  9. The journey to Yale
    Remember when Blair tells Serena that Brown would be a good fit for her except she meant it as an insult? Great times. And then Serena wins the heart of the Yale dean of admissions and steals Blair's answer to the dinner question. And then Dan sleeps with his teacher and Blair hazes her so Headmistress Qweller suspends Blair so she can't go to Yale. But then they all just end up at NYU anyway.
  10. Lily's past lovers
    I don't know about you but I love hearing about all the times Lily ditched her kids for a man. I love how two of her exes were named Klaus and that she allegedly converted to Islam for another one.
  11. Jenny and Tim Gunn
    Blair sabotages Jenny's collection and Tim Gunn is horrified. A beautiful moment especially because we get to see Tim Gunn's acting chops.
  12. Whether or not we're going to Butter
    "Not going to Butter is so much better than going to Butter"
  13. "Dancing on the tables at Bungalow 8"
    This isn't a storyline really but one time Serena tells Blair that she misses this and I think I really blew it up in my head.
  14. When Blair does the strip tease at Vitrola
    Such a good beginning to the BEST storyline in the show- Chuck and Blair!!
  15. Bart's resurrection
    You didn't think things could get any better than how Chuck behaved at the funeral...
  16. Chuck's resurrection
    Like father like son
  17. Lily's lost Mappelthorpe
    We're all so intrigued by how she came to get photographed by Robert Mappelthorpe but I'm more intrigued by Serena's comment, "I thought he only photographed guys." Also intrigued by why Bart is ashamed of it... Like hello... It's art...
  18. Blair's gay dad
  19. Serena's relationship with Nate's cousin Tripp
    He almost kills her and then ditches her...?
  20. Serena and the Count/Nate and the Countess
    What a twisted web they weave
  21. Serena's Poughkeepsie meltdown
    When Serena does too much coke and flees to Poughkeepsie and tells everyone her name is Sabrina (good one) and almost gets married to that guy that we later find out Lily has slept with (oops).
  22. When Nate is poor and his dad is a coke addict
    And Dan finds out that he's squatting in his own abandoned house. Poor Nate!
  23. When Serena rides off on a horse at the Polo game
    Just a great moment.
  24. When Dan dates Hillary Duff
    She's so weird!
  25. The Met Steps
    Who's sitting there, who's unwelcome, who's on top, who's eating yogurt, etc!
  26. When Jenny's a drug dealer
    They just really go all out with her character arc
  27. The Blair & Chuck "I Love You" battle
    When Blair and Chuck take turns over the course of like 6 episodes telling one another that they simply can't tell the other that they love them. I can't keep up but I love it!!
  28. Blair & Dan interning at W
  29. When Dan tries to write a tell-all about Chuck
    And he has a Kurt Vonnegut type mentor who pushes him to get the real scoop on "Charlie Trout" but then he ends up in jail bc nobody messes with Chuck Bass he's Chuck Bass!!
  30. The "Spectator"
    OK that's it I love this show so much bye
  31. The competition to be the ushers for the Ivy reps
    "they gave it to nate.. ARCHIBALD!!" one of the greatest Dan lines imo
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  32. Blair's history with eating disorders
    sad but really added depth to what could be an otherwise boring thanksgiving episode
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  33. Waffles
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  34. Cyrus Rose
    "not enough"
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  35. Dan's Cabbage Patch doll (?!)
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  36. Eric's hair
    It's a character in itself