Ya OK I'm so fortunate to be getting an education and I get that, but these people suck
  1. Being heckled when I play Revival
    Forgive me for expecting to be able to play Selena Gomez' spirited and sexy comeback album IN MY OWN HOME.
  2. Being heckled when I want to watch Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean" video over and over again
    What else is Apple TV for, pray tell?
  3. Marijuana
    Decriminalize it, legalize it, whatever FINE by me. But I'm surrounded by these STONERS all the time and I've had it up to here. "Kaitlin, can you go get my cookie dough from the fridge? I'm posted!" No.
  4. People who don't like to have fun
    Going off of my previous point, people smoke so much weed during the day here that they don't want to go out at night. Nobody throws parties anymore. They just sit at home and watch things on Netflix I guess? Not chic.
  5. People who pretend to be poor but have more money than I could imagine
    A girl once asked me not to tell anyone she wasn't on financial aid. I obviously told this to everyone.
  6. Hippies
    Similar to my point above, there are all these weird fake hippies in my generation and they all look down on me for shaving my armpits but like they have white people dreads so... Also they do this whole hippie song and dance but they all only eat pasta... All the time. And they all come from wealthy east coast families so whatever.
  7. Being heckled for wanting to Keep Up With the Kardashians
    Just leave me alone
  8. Coming home
    Coming back home to LA and facing weirdos who say offensive things about Caitlyn Jenner or tell me they aren't feminists or shit like that and I'm like "I want to tell you you're being problematic but I shouldn't because you're my mom's friend from her bowling league but cmon"
  9. "Poets"
    I kid you not there are still people who fashion themselves as "beats" but also host events like "Dada Night" like can you pick one?
  10. Theater Majors
  11. Boys who think they're smarter than me
  12. Public crying
    The new movement at my school is everyone posting pictures of themselves crying on social media. Like I have to sift through everybody's public meltdown now because these people think they're special for crying.
  13. Girls who make riot girl rip off music
    Everybody uses outdated technology to make "art" that's already been made except just worse and they think they're so cool and SUBVERSIVE UGH!!!!
  14. I don't know more will come to me
  15. Lack of glamour
    No glamour! What's that about?
  16. Being heckled while on my weight loss journey
    I'm not less of a woman because I don't want to eat pizza with you
  17. People who think Ariana Grande is vapid
    She's perfect OK!?