places I went in New York (over a year ago)

a list dedicated to @natcorbs
  1. A year and a month ago I went to New York
    It had been my dream my whole life and I planned the trip super last minute which is unlike me because I need to know things ahead of time.
  2. @natcorbs always asks about my trip, but like, I don't want to talk about it too much
  3. Just kidding, I totally want to talk about it
    And you probably want to hear about it, so here we go
  4. We went to Times Square and I had so much chill
    Wait, nevermind, what am I doing with my hands? No. Chill.
  5. Then I ate this pizza
  6. Then we got to see this view
    This view also cost $20, like everything in New York
  7. And we went to 30 Rock
    I breathed air in the same place Tina Fey once breathed air
  8. Like all of the movies
  9. And The Rockettes did this cool kick thing
  10. And this cathedral
    Because sometimes I'm super Catholic
  11. And went to this exhibit about Saturday Night Live
    Because I'm too poor for the real tour
  12. And drank this delicious frozen hot chocolate
  13. And stumbled upon this cute park
  14. My tour guide was kind of over my tourist tendencies
  15. You guys, this pasta
  16. And my great aunt and uncle who pronounce "a" like "er"
    Donn-er, Lis-er, w-ar-sh
  17. And last, but not least, I rapped Salt N Pepa's None of Your Business in this small bar with my friend and a guy I ran into from my high school
  18. All in all, it was a good trip, you guys.
    Glad I could share it with you @natcorbs