Reasons Why "the Affair" Is the Best Show on Tv Right Now

  1. Ruth Wilson
    First of all, she's stunning. But also an amazing actress. She won the Golden Globe for this role for the first season. And when she accepted the award everyone was like "wait wtf you're British?!" because she was flawless in this role as an American. She's been in tons of other great roles, but her performance in The Affair will blow you away.
  2. Dominic West
    Hey, you know The Wire? And how people say it was the best show ever? They got the main guy from that show for this show so it's a good formula. Another Brit that pulls off the American accent flawlessly. Also Dominic West may be one of the most attractive men in the world, and he swims a lot in this show. Swimming=seeing more of Dominic West.
  3. You'll feel REALLY good about yourself when you watch it
    This show centers around a really slimy premise-- two married people having an affair. You wouldn't pull HALF the shit these people pull, right?
  4. You also might feel REALLY bad about yourself when you watch it
    Oh... Wait. That's why he's attracted to this already married woman instead of his wife? Oh that's how his wife treats him? Man, his in laws are assholes. And his kids are basically demons on earth. He's allowed to have an affair. Wait, did I just condone an affair? Would I have an affair...?
  5. Lots of sex
    And no one's having sex with their sisters, so take that Game of Thrones. (I actually love Game of Thrones too, lol sorry Khaleesi)
  6. Speaking of sex, this show is fighting for equal opportunity nudity!!
    This seems like a kind of grotesque thing to get excited about, but it is a big deal! We see boobs and lady's private parts all over cable TV. If we're gonna see that, shouldn't the dudes at least have to put on a similar show. (One of my other favorite shows, also on Showtime, Shameless, does a good job of balancing things out.)
  7. Psychological mind games
    Have you ever wondered if someone is telling you a version of a story that's not exactly right? Well this show makes you constantly question who's telling the truth. It has the same timeline from both main characters perspective each episode. And spoiler, the stories never match up perfectly. So who's telling the truth? Could everyone, everywhere actually be lying to you? Probably at least a little bit.
  8. Gorgeous backdrops
    Just had to google whether or not the main town in this show is a real place. And it is! Montauk, New York is STUNNING. And the show definitely takes advantage of all the killer landscapes.
  9. Fiona Applegate sings the main theme
    It's bomb. You'll wanna download it immediately.
  10. Also Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson are in it!
    They're really good actors too.
  11. Framing out the ass
    Luckily Ruth Wilson's hair style changes between times so it won't be too confusing.
  12. Basically everyone is stupid good looking and stupid good at acting and the writing is amazing.
  13. It's all on Showtime. Which you can add to Hulu Plus. So easy to watch.
    You have no excuse. Do it do it do it.