1. How's the chick from the Big Comfy Couch doing?
  2. Why does she have no pictures on her IMDb or Wikipedia page?
  3. Are these google images actually of the actual actress from the Big Comfy Couch or women claiming to be her?
  4. Why isn't that one dude texting me back?
  5. Did he watch the Big Comfy Couch?
  6. How long did the Big Comfy Couch run?
  7. Holy shit, 1992-2002, that's a long time. How many episodes did they fit in that time?
  8. Wait, only 32? How is that possible for ten whole years of air time?
  9. I hope I graduate on time.
  10. Can I be a host on The Big Comfy couch revival without a college degree?
  11. Would The Big Comfy Couch revival get as much buzz as the Gilmore Girls revival?
  12. I wonder how many people I could convince Lauren Graham was the chick from The Big Comfy Couch before Gilmore Girls.
  13. Did Lauren Graham graduate from college? She's a pretty successful person.
  14. Ugh she did.
  15. I should probably focus more on finishing college than anything that has to do with The Big Comfy Couch.
  16. That dude should really text me back.
  17. Would a late night "lol remember that show The Big Comfy Couch?" text be charming?
  18. Probably not.
  19. Oops. Already sent.