1. Do not let me be fed tapioca pudding
    Looks gross and would never consume it if I were in my right mind
  2. Please fill my feed tube bag with Blackflies
    Self explanatory - if anything is going to bring me back it's probably Blackflies
  3. Use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to pull the plug
    Whoever you are, I trust you
  4. Donate my organs
    To people or to science; whatever you see fit
  5. Do not buy flowers
    They will just die like me. Instead, at my wake, fill the room with pictures of us. Also, adopt a World Vision child in my honour (if you wish).
  6. In a perfect world I would like to be stuffed and placed on my spot on the couch
    Second choice - put in a hut above ground. Third choice - cremated with some of my ashes spread at the dirty (put some in tasteful spots like Winter River and the good climbing tree at Grammies)
  7. Get good and drunk
    Preferably to the point of lifeless in the sand
  8. Please don't mope