In chronological order of how they happened 🙆🏼
  1. Hosting a Teen Wolf marathon on MTV
    Although this was filmed in Dec 2015, it finally aired at the start of 2016 and it was very cool for me. Definitely one of the coolest things I've ever done. Thx, Teen Wolf.
  2. Viacom's For All Fankind Photoshoot
    Viacom's new campaign was called For All Fankind and they focused on choosing fans from one show on each network. MTV's show was Teen Wolf and the fans they chose were Amanda and me. We had a photoshoot with a famous photographer. And then they made a cute lil video package and we were on giant posters around the country, in magazines, and even on a billboard in Times Square. V cool.
  3. Working the Grammys red carpet
    I didn't do much, just ran MTV's Snapchat and grabbed content for MTV's Instagram... But just being there was an incredibly awesome experience. And then when the red carpet was over, I went to my hotel room and ordered a giant burger and watched the show from my bed. A dream.
  4. Seeing State Champs + Neck Deep live
    I had the honor of going to the State Champs and Neck Deep concert in March and it was a damn dream. There's nothing quite like seeing your favorite bands in person. To make it even better, I spent the concert up top with State Champs because the boys in that band are a damn dream and the sweetest angels.
  5. Getting an unexpected "hey are you at work because I'm outside" text
    From a very cute boy from some of my favorite shows who stole me for over an hour and took me out to coffee. He stopped me mid-sentence to tell me I have beautiful eyes and promised that if he ever got a dog that I would be the first person he called to dogsit. An actual dreamboat.
  6. 2016 MTV Movie Awards
    It had its ups and downs, but spending the few days in California on the set of the WB Lot was a dream come true. I almost passed out when a Fosters golf cart drove past me. And I got to walk through Stars Hallow/Rosewood every day. Also Amanda stayed in the extra bed in my hotel room, so I had a personal makeup artist for me the entire trip.
  7. Going on a date with the boy I had a crush on in college
    And then going on another date with him and another date and another... A real qt who had no idea I existed in college, regardless of the fact that he was the only boy I paid attention to at parties.
  8. Interviewing Nick Jonas
    His album had just came out and so did his Bacon music video. I asked him a lot of questions about bacon and he told me he had never been asked that much about bacon ever. I think I made a positive impact...
  9. SDCC + 2016 MTV Fandom Awards
    My job at SDCC is to literally spend all my time following the Teen Wolf cast, so... Also the open bar at the Fandom Awards was a damn dream. Dave Franco ordered a drink next to me and I lived to tell the tale.
  10. Getting verified on Twitter
    This is such a lame one, but I honestly never thought it would happen and I almost screamed when I got the email out of the blue.
  11. Teen Wolf panel at NYCC
    NYCC was much more low key than usual this year, but the Teen Wolf panel holds a special place in my heart. I cried like a baby the entire time.
  12. Binge watching TV shows
    From The Fosters to Parenthood to Stranger Things to the 100 to Shameless (which I just started), I found a lot of incredibly television series in 2016.