1. I'm hosting a Teen Wolf podcast with @amandagurock on MTV News this final season of Teen Wolf. It's called Team Wolf and the first episode comes out on Tuesday.
    This isn't being announced until tomorrow... but oh well.
  2. I was originally planning on going to school for photography and then changed that to become an English teacher and then changed that to do PR/Journalism.
    And now I work in social media, so.
  3. I actually don't like my birthday.
    Cool with it in the social media sense, but I hate people feeling obligated to get me something or wish me a happy birthday to my face.
  4. I have to sleep with a night guard.
    V cute, right? I always forget to, but in August my dentist thought my mass headaches and lack of sleep were due to me maybe grinding my teeth at night.
  5. Throw up is my biggest fear, so it doesn't help that I feel nauseous at least once a day.
    Note that it's not just throwing up that's the fear... It's also throw up in general.
  6. I say "yikes" way too often.
    Waaaaaay too often.
  7. I'll choose sleep over pretty much everything.
    And I'm not sorry.
  8. I sleep with five pillows at night.
    And about 100 blankets. (Okay, really it's like 5 but I recently learned that that's unusual.)
  9. I go to Dunkin Donuts every morning before work.
    Small iced hazelnut coffee with milk and sugar, please.
  10. I almost transferred colleges my sophomore year.
    But then I met some of the most wonderful people in the world and could never ever leave. (Hi @leesh63.)
  11. Every time I see a dog in person I let out a squeal like noise.
    I love dogs so much, you guys. Sooooo much.
  12. I used to be deathly afraid of dogs.
    And then I met two lovely pups named Cronus and Diamond and they helped me out a lot.
  13. My favorite band is State Champs.
    And hey, they're stopping by MTV tomorrow.
  14. I have decided that once I meet the Backstreet Boys my life goals will have been met.
    Even just see them in person... Every time I've come close, something has happened to prevent that.
  15. Some of my best memories of my experience working at MTV happened at SDCC 2015 and SDCC 2016.
    Teen Wolf forever.
  16. I'm having the most difficult time coming up with 24 facts that weren't featured in my 23 facts.
    I'm really not very interesting.
  17. Even though the platform itself is kinda dead, I could spend hooooours on Tumblr reblogging random stuff.
    And I have indeed done this many times.
  18. Reese's are my favorite candy.
    And yes, I pronounce them the right way.
  19. Green is still my favorite color.
    Even though @bjnovak says green is the blue they try to sell you on Canal Street...
  20. 13 is my favorite number.
    Because... November 13, lol.
  21. I never check for spelling or re-read before posting.
    Hence why you can always count on at least one major spelling error in my lists.
  22. Breakfast is the best meal of the day.
    Even though I only ever eat a proper breakfast on the weekends.
  23. I have a scar on my lower back from when a boy pushed me while singing "I get knocked down, but I get up again" at day care.
    My back hit the metal corner of a dresser. It wasn't a pretty sight.
  24. My longest Snapchat streak is 377.
    It would be longer if I didn't mess it up one time, but hi @leesh63.