and i'm crying because what a lovely thing to come home to after a long day at work
  1. Static
    I saw a package at my door and literally screamed... And then since I didn't recognize the address I started to take photos AS ONE DOES.
  2. Static
    The first thing I saw were these floss picks which is really weird because literally this weekend I told myself I needed to buy more floss so what kind of sorcery is this????
  3. Static
    This will officially be on display at my desk at work starting tomorrow!!!!
  4. Static
    A chocolate passport which is incredible???? Like who knew they even made stuff like this??? (Not me.)
  5. Static
    I almost cried at this and will be putting that fortune in that bottle and keeping it forever.
  6. Static
    Already on display in my kitchen !!!
  7. Static
    I will be putting this on a jacket in hopes to try to trick people into thinking I'm cool enough to belong to this soccer club.
  8. Static
    A terrible image but WHAT A DREAM. I have a pen obsession.
  9. Static
    @amieshmamie you are a DREAM. I love you. Thank you so much. This was such a lovely surprise and my heart grew five sizes today. Also the best part is I just discovered the back that says you will watch Holes, which is the greatest gift of all 💕