No, but really.
  1. June 5, 2011.
    The MTV Movie Awards had just ended and immediately switched over to the new show I had seen a hundred commercials about that night, Teen Wolf. I turned the television off and went to my room, not bothering and not having any interest. My friend Ryan, on the other hand, kept his TV on. He asked me if I was watching. He told me that I'd like it and that I'd definitely think the boys on it were cute. I ignored Ryan, but he wouldn't stop talking about the show.
  2. Giving in, I watched the first two episodes of the show later that week.
    Ryan was right. I immediately fell in love with the characters and instantly became hooked on the plot. I fell for the show hard, which obviously meant I needed to recruit more people to watch. And by more people, this obviously meant @amandagurock.
  3. Amanda was reluctant at first, but finally gave in after I begged her enough.
    I just needed more people to talk with about the show, y'know? And once she started watching... It soon became all we could talk about. We worked at our theater camp that summer and in between helping the kids rehearse, we got everyone together to discuss our favorite characters, last nights episode and the cast. It's as if we turned the theater camp into a Teen Wolf camp that summer.
  4. But our love for Teen Wolf couldn't just be expressed in the real world -- We had to make it known online and to the cast.
    So Amanda and I came up with the not-so-brilliant plan of making a video for the cast. It sounded like a great idea in our head, but ended up becoming the two of us sitting on the floor of my bedroom talking about how much we loved each of the cast members. We invited them to hang out with us to watch Teen Wolf and talked about how cute the boys were and how beautiful the girls were and looking back now? We made complete fools of ourselves.
  5. To our surprise, though, the cast saw the video.
    Which was really all we wanted. Holland Roden and Colton Haynes tweeted about it, shouting out our Theater camp (which had the kids wild with excitement). Our goal had been met. The cast knew how much we loved them. Our jobs were done.
  6. But then we got another message...
    A tweet from @mattymcd via the Teen Wolf Twitter telling us to let them know if we ever made any more videos. We had no intentions of making any more videos. All we wanted was the cast to know how much they loved them and we achieved that with video one. But if the Teen Wolf Twitter wanted more videos... We'd give them more videos.
  7. So, we made more videos.
    Except this time, we knew we had to get more creative. So we decided to start taking popular raps and changing the lyrics to have them fit the Teen Wolf cast and characters. We tweeted them out almost monthly and hoped that people would enjoy them.
  8. And they did.
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    So much that Amanda and I were flown to the set in February of 2012 to film a rap with Tyler Posey and Dylan O'Brien. None of my college friends understood. My high school friends definitely didn't understand. My family was confused. But Amanda and I were living a dream life we never thought was possible.
  9. It didn't stop there, though.
    Amanda and I continued to make videos about the show and when the series returned that summer? Our monthly raps turned into weekly "recap raps," where (as you could guess) we recapped the episode via rapping to popular songs. For some weird reason, people continued to watch our videos so we continued to make them.
  10. And as Teen Wolf went on, so did our videos.
    And the support continued to roll in from the cast and the crew and the staff at MTV. In fact, these videos were crucial in helping me land my internship at MTV the summer of 2013. That summer I interned for the social media department, while also dedicating a few days of my week solely to Teen Wolf.
  11. My internship is what ended up leading to my job.
    And after I graduated college in December 2013, I accepted a job as MTV's social media editor. None of which would have been possible if I didn't get the internship that summer.
  12. And then in the summer of 2014, Amanda landed her internship at MTV.
    And after she graduated in December of 2014, accepted a job at MTV in the shows department.
  13. Which leads us to now.
    November 2015. Over four years after the premiere of Teen Wolf. Four years after Amanda and I decided to make a silly little video talking about how much we adored the cast. We have jobs at MTV. We get to do incredible things every single day all because of those videos. The videos that our friends and family and peers made fun of us for. The videos that brought us closer together. The videos that we never thought anyone would actually see.
  14. I get to do something I love every single day.
    And that's because of Teen Wolf. That's because of the Teen Wolf cast and the Teen Wolf crew and the people at MTV who took a chance on Amanda and I.
  15. And four years later?
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    Amanda and I still feel the same way about Teen Wolf as we did back then. (If not even more passionate than we were before.) We may not make raps or videos as often as we used to, but the love we have for this show and the people who work on it knows no bounds. They brought us closer together. Closer to each other and closer to our families. We've made lifelong friends because of this show and have gotten to live out our dreams because of it. Teen Wolf changed our lives.
  16. I am who I am today because of Teen Wolf.
    And I'll never be able to say thank you enough.