Inspired by @dustinboone (This has been in my drafts for 84 years)
  1. Amanda (aka @amandagurock aka my best friend)
  2. Brody (aka my dog and the love of my life)
  3. Can't dance (like reaaaaally can't dance)
  4. Dances a lot after a few drinks (but still see above)
  5. Early for everything
  6. French fries
  7. Googles everything
  8. Holes (the movie/book)
  9. Isn't as mad as she looks
  10. Just wants to sleep all the time
  11. Kaitlyn or Kaiti or Kait
  12. Lots of eye rolls
  13. MTV
  14. New York
  15. Online
  16. Petey the penguin
  17. Quizzes people on movie quotes
  18. Really terrible at texting
  19. Sudden headaches and/or stomach aches
  20. Teen Wolf
  21. Usually laughing
  22. Very sarcastic
  23. Water bottle always in hand
  24. X-tremely annoying
  25. Yuck, throw up (aka biggest fear)
  26. ZzZzZz (another sleep reference)