im bored so here have this list
  1. Static
    "a cleanser sent from above" is actually the perfect description for this
  2. Static
    sunday night ritual
  3. Static
  4. Static
    thx 4 keeping my makeup on my face
  5. Static
    thx 4 making my pores disappear
  6. Static
    this is mascara, by the waaaaay
  7. Static
    this highlighter is from becca and is called moonstone and makes me feel gr8
  8. Static
    idk what i'm doing when i use this but it still changed my life
  9. Static
    yes, i thought that holding this together with tape was a great idea (also it's stay matte setting powder)
  10. Static
    would be lost without u
  11. Static
    this just smells so good idk if it belongs on this list whatever
  12. Static
    really only use this when i go on trips, so now the smell reminds me of california and good times
  13. Static
    saved my lips when lush's lip scrub ruined them