five of my favorite hidden gem movies 💕

Classifying hidden jem as a movie that didn't really get a crazy amount of press and I kinda just found it on my own. Feel free to be like "UM, KAITLYN. THAT MOVIE WAS EVERYWHERE AND YOU ARE A LIAR." One thing I can say about all of these is the casting is brilliant. Okay. The end.
  1. The First Time
    Your first thought may be "Kaitlyn, you're only saying this because you love Dylan O'Brien" and YES, I do love him. But this movie is actually really good. It feels real. It's not some sappy, perfect love story. It's awkward and uncomfortable at times and just really genuine to me. Also Dylan O'Brien, but whatever.
  2. Stuck In Love
    I have made so many people watch this movie, my parents included. I don't think I'll ever get sick of it. It's streaming on Netflix, so you have no excuse if you haven't seen it. Please watch it and please fall in love with it.
  3. Drinking Buddies
    Chose this movie on a whim one weekend because I was bored and I fell in love. Not sure if I'm more in love with Olivia Wilde or Jake Johnson at this point, TBH.
  4. About Alex
    This movie was the perfect amount of heartbreaking and hilarious, all rolled into one. I immediately texted my friends and told them they had to watch.
  5. Palo Alto
    Not gonna lie, this movie is a bit strange, but I think that's what draws me to it so much. Also Nat Wolff and Jack Kilmer really steal the show.