PSA: I didn't actually get to go to the show or the red carpet.
  1. Craft services had pretty amazing mac and cheese, which we were blessed and served twice over the course of the week.
  2. Nick Jonas took this selfie on my phone and was way too proud that you could see him taking the selfie in the background.
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  3. When Kanye announced he was running for president in 2020, the entire production tent cheered.
  4. Screams of horror could be heard when Miley stepped out on the red carpet.
  5. A single tear rolled down my cheek when I heard the opening of "Where Are Ü Now"
  6. Everyone agreed that Kanye's dancing > Taylor's dancing
  7. There wasn't enough shots of the puppy pit.
    This is just a fact.
  8. Taylor Swift invited me to be in her girl gang.
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  9. We constantly tried to think of ways to crash Justin Bieber's rehearsal.
    And failed.