Can you believe this is my fourth year in a row working the VMAs? Because I can't. I'm only 23 and the VMAs make me feel like I'm 1000.
  1. Working out of Madison Square Garden for four days and not having to take the subway.
    Also staying at a hotel across the street, so getting to sleep in a little bit.
  2. Sneaking into the stage area to take photos with the seat cards.
  3. Posting the scariest tweet of my entire life (because I thought Bey might come after me).
  4. Fighting with the hotel front desk about getting a new room because my sliding bathroom door fell off and onto me only two minutes after checking in.
    Okay this isn't a highlight but I am proud of myself for fighting back when they didn't care at all and didn't ask me if I was okay.
  5. Finally eating dinner on day one at MSG and ordering all of this at Hooters.
  6. Ordering pizza and garlic knots and eating them right here in approximately 5 minutes before heading to a party.
  7. The open bar at the Taco Bell party... That lead me to introducing myself to Troye Sivan.
  8. The Taco Bell party in general.
  9. This dessert.
  10. Hanging out with people after work who I normally wouldn't hang out with and having the best time.
  11. Actually taking photos with @amandagurock that I don't hate/don't involve stupid faces/don't involve snapchat filters.
  12. Okay maybe some involve stupid faces.
  13. But no snapchat filters!!!!
  14. Also having Amanda there to do my makeup. Thx girl.
  15. Actually taking a photo on the carpet on show day.
    I've worked a billion events and red carpets yet never want to take photos like this. Also check out them shoes.
  16. Watching Beyonce's performance in the production office.
    Contrary to popular belief, they don't tell me anything. So I may have been the last to know she was performing and I had no idea what she was about to do.
  17. Watching Chance the Rapper be the cutest ever.
    All of this was done via watching him in the show/on the backstage cams... But still. It led me to make this masterpiece.
  18. Having no idea Drake was gonna pop out... And then having no idea what he was gonna do or say.
    Was really hoping for a "Too Good" performance, TBH.
  19. Realizing how crazy my life is at such a young age.
    This is the fourth year in a row I live tweeted the VMAs from @MTV. The first time was in 2013 when I was an intern and my now bosses told me an hour before the show that I had to it because the girl who actually worked at MTV was too overwhelmed to do it all. I was a panicked 20 year old, but I survived. I've come a long way.
  20. Going to bed after the show.
    After declining invites to the after party. I just wanna sleep, ja feel?
  21. Returning to my own bed at home the day after the show.
    VMA season is over and now I can sleep for a month.
  22. Until next year...