And by I accidentally, I mean my hairdresser did when she didn't listen to what I asked her to do.
  1. Now may hair is very very very short and I'm very sad.
  2. I can't even put it up because the pieces in the front aren't long enough to make it to the back.
  3. This haircut has also turned me into a puppy. It was weird. She chopped my hair off and the ears and nose just came with it.
  4. Nobody knows that I'm dying on the inside because I miss my hair.
  5. It's so short!!!! And I have a T-Rex hand!!!!
  6. But I went out in public and survived so I guess everything will be okay eventually.
  7. Okay. I'm sorry. This is just me ranting because I woke up this morning and screamed.
  8. On the bright side, no peace signs made it into this list or these photos.