1. Today at work I started to think about the younger version of me.
  2. The girl in middle school who had obsessions with bands and TV shows that nobody seemed to understand.
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  3. The girl that had no idea what she wanted to do with her future.
  4. The girl whose friends told her "to stop listening to that band" and "to stop watching that show" and "maybe you should wear your hair like this" and "maybe you should try wearing this makeup."
  5. The girl who sometimes listened to those "friends," but thankfully rarely followed through with what they told her to do.
  6. The girl who really had no idea who she was or who she wanted to be, but continued to stay passionate about everything in her life.
  7. Then I think about the person I am now.
  8. I'm 22 years old and in January I will have been working as MTV's Social Media Editor for two years.
  9. The 13-year-old girl I used to be would think the girl I am today is the coolest.
  10. She would follow her on Twitter, like her photos on Instagram, and dream of one day having a job like hers.
  11. She would tweet her and ask her for advice.
  12. She would see that being passionate could lead to great things and careers.
  13. She would realize that there is someone out there just like her, regardless of how weird her friends think she is for liking these bands.
  14. She would feel inspired and determined to follow her dreams and never give up.
  15. The girl I used to be would be obsessed with the person I am today. She would want to be me.
    And that's a really emotional thing to think about.