A list in which I go into too much detail about very stupid things ~ Inspired by @nathanveshecco
  1. At half my age I was roughly 11.5-12 years old. This places me in the 7th grade (or the very beginning of 8th grade).
  2. I was obsessed with the Outsiders, both the book and the film.
    We read the book in my English class that year and then watched the movie for class too. I printed out photos of all the boys and hung them in my locker at school and in my room at home. I was very much in love with Johnny and thought there was no boy cuter than Sodapop.
  3. I developed a love for Shakespeare.
    Also in my English class that year I read my first Shakespeare play and was weirdly fascinated. We got to act out the scenes in class and i volunteered every day to play a roll. My love for Shakespeare lasted until I took a Shakespeare class in college.
  4. I wanted to be a 7th grade English teacher.
    Judging by my previous two bullets, you can see that my 7th grade English class/teacher really stood out to me. I loved the material read and it made me want to teach it too. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I decided to rule out English teaching and just pick up English as a minor.
  5. I got sent to the principles office for the first and last time.
    Ironically I was sitting in my English class when the phone rang and my reacher told me that I was being called to the principles office. It didn't hit me until I was walking in the empty hallway that she didn't say I had to go to the office, office. But the principles office.
  6. I fought with my chorus teacher daily.
    He's actually the reason I got sent to the principles office. I was always the shy, quiet kid in school and rarely spoke in class unless picked on. Yet I constantly found myself arguing with my chorus teacher. It was very unlike me but I just got terrible vibes from him and despised him. He was also an art teacher (though I didn't have him in art) and ended up getting fired before the school year was over for inappropriately touching a female student.
  7. My art teacher accidentally failed me.
    She got my last name mixed up with someone else's last name in the class and gave me an F and gave him an A. The process to getting the grade fixed was long and terrible.
  8. I learned how to rap "Ice, Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice
    This was arguably the start of my killer rap career.
  9. My bedroom walls were covered in photos of Good Charlotte, Ryan Cabrera, Simple Plan and Fall Out Boy.
    And I can't forget the movie poster for Holes, which was also obviously hanging up on my wall.
  10. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody entered my life.
    And I developed a sick obsessed with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. My I had a whole wall in my room solely dedicated to photos of them. And I had a notebook full of quotes from the show. Also literally everyone at school made fun of me for liking them bUT LOOK AT THEM NOW??? Bye.
  11. I tried out for my school's soccer team because there were no cuts and all my best friends played soccer.
    Except so many people heard that there were no cuts that this year they had to make cuts because too many people came to try outs. Having never played soccer in my life, I was shocked I made one of the two teams. Joke was on me, though, because all of my friends ended up on the other team.
  12. I got my first cell phone.
    This was a pretty big deal because my brother got his first cell phone at 16 and I was getting mine at a much younger age. That being said, the only reason I got one was because my parents knew I would need one if I was playing sports and staying after school all the time.
  13. I met my best friend, @amandagurock!
    We met in the summer of 2005 at theater camp and bonded over our love for Ryan Cabrera. This just made me realize how long we've been best friends for and wow. We're old.
  14. I used to write the lyrics of Brand New's "Seventy Times 7" on my bio desk in eraser.
    The desks were black so when you wrote with eraser, it showed up. This was my way of writing on my desk without actually getting in trouble.