It's definitely not as cool or as good as @Debby's, but... (This also just sounds like a package I wish I received when I was in college.)
  1. Chapstick
    At least six in case you lose one or run out.
  2. A mix tape of songs I'm currently listening to on repeat
  3. Socks
    They'd be cool ones, I promise.
  4. An old book I have read and loved
  5. Pens
  6. A notebook
    So you can use your pens (to write me letters).
  7. A disposable camera
  8. Flavor Blasted Goldfish
  9. Holes: The DVD
    Because I've met too many people who haven't seen it and if you haven't seen it, then you won't know the answers to my "what movie did I just quote" quiz. Jk. You would know because the answer is always Holes.
  10. An apple slicer
  11. Dunkaroos
    Let's bring them back.
  12. A random drawing by me
    I can't draw at all, so this will be a real treat.