It was a really great year and I'm happy I had @amandagurock by my side throughout it all 👯 (Also she was super offended she didn't make it into more of the photos in my "a photo for every month this year" list, so this SHOULD MAKE UP FOR THAT.)
  1. January
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  2. February
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    (Okay technically this was taken at the end of January, but it's the best I can do.)
  3. March
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  4. April
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  5. May
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    No picz, but here. Have a photo of us from early June.
  6. June
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  7. July
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    Apparently we didn't take any photos this month, so here's another from June (that I clearly stole from Snapchat).
  8. August
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  9. September
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  10. October
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  11. November
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  12. December
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