that reason being i have really great friends // family 😊😊😊
  1. friends in a stairwell making some music
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  2. because "i won't take a selfie unless you're in it"
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  3. my dad taking a selfie on his birthday
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  4. my lil pup brody on his 6th birthday
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  5. this hotel elevator (and how displeased i was by all the mirrors)
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  6. really gr8 pals
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  7. my bff selena gomez
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  8. that time these losers had a photoshoot on a yacht and i happened to be there too
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  9. the backyard of my beach house this summer
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  10. my dad and i on vacation a few hours before we kicked 11 other family members out of the living room so we could watch teen wolf
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  11. my first in-n-out experience
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  12. central park
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  13. 2 much sangria
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  14. the finding carter cast (and me. i photoshopped myself in because i deserved to be in it.)
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  15. squid from holes (okay this photo is creepy as fuck but whatever i had to document it)
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  16. that one day last week @amandagurock and i got to host something for mtv
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