1. i'm going to california on sunday which was really exciting to find out this week UNTIL I LOOKED AT THE WEATHER
  3. i'm already melting
  4. for the record it's quite chilly in new york right now
  5. i would just like to put in an early request to have los angeles lower their heat just a LITTLE
  6. like their mom is probably so mad the heating bill is gonna be through the charts this month!!!!!! cool it!!! relaaaaax!!!
  7. i don't know what to pack????? like how does one dress for that weather????
  8. ugh
  9. (for the record i'm still excited because i get to go say goodbye to my favorite show and cry my eyes out for a few days)
  10. (but now i'll just do that while sweating through every pore of my body)
  11. (bye)
  12. UPDATE: this list made los angeles angry and got them a bit heated so fml