I'm already doing quite terribly. It's a tragic love story.
  1. On Thursday I had a television shoot where I got my hair and makeup done for the first time in my life, which obviously meant tons of selfies.
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  2. And as if on cue the peace signs started.
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  3. And then I told myself, "KAITLYN. NO MORE PEACE SIGNS." But everyone else was doing them, so...
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  4. And then I had to get ready for MTV's holiday party, which meant more selfies.
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  5. And I managed to stay clear of peace signs for the most part.
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  6. But that didn't stop me from doing other stupid poses.
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  7. And then it was party time... And apparently all bets were off.
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  8. I even managed to ruin this great group photo.
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  9. I tossed everything out the window.
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  10. All for the peace sign.
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  11. I have a serious problem.
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  12. I cannot be stopped.
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  13. WHY?
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  14. On the bright side I managed to make a lot of other dumb faces without the peace sign throughout the night.
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  15. Like this.
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  16. And this.
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  17. And this.
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  18. And this.
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  19. And this.
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  20. And this (although maybe that's a half peace sign?)
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  21. But I also smiled in photos which is very rare.
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  22. I guess you win some, you lose some.
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