I'm making up characters here and thought way too much into this. Yolo. I also narrowed this down to five favorite shows.
  1. TEEN WOLF | Lydia's Cousin
    People are constantly telling me I look like Holland Roden, so I'd be Lydia's cousin who moved to Beacon Hills for the summer to spend time with her relatives. She'd be clueless when it comes to the world of the supernatural and would have a crush on Stiles, constantly asking Lydia about him. Lydia would be displeased and try to send me home.
  2. ONE TREE HILL | Lydia Scott
    Lydia is Nathan and Haley's daughter, so this role would have to be played in a spin off of the series when she's actually older. Unlike her mother, she'd have zero musical abilities. She would pick up her fathers athletic skills and competitive nature, though.
  3. THE OFFICE | Jenna Halpert
    Aka Jim Halpert in the gender bent version of the Office that I just created right now.
  4. FINDING CARTER | Diane Banks
    There was a character in Finding Carter that Gabe always referred to, but you never actually saw. Her name was Diane Banks and I like to pretend that if the show didn't get cancelled, she'd finally be seen and I would play her.
  5. SCREAM | Random Dead Chick #13
    I'd be the girl that gets slaughtered and everyone is like wait... Who is she? Everyone who dies is relevant, so what's going on here? The moral of the story is the killer likely made a mistake in killing me, but boom. I get an awesome death scene.