1. So a few weeks ago I found out Shia was coming to MTV. Naturally, I emailed everyone I could to make sure I was there.
  2. They assured me he would be in the office on Nov 30 and I was AMPED.
  3. But then on November 30 I found out he was in on November 29 and nOBODY TOLD ME.
  4. So I missed my once chance of meeting Shia and now I'm devastated.
  5. Though I did find out they planned on having this big elaborate scheme where they were gonna surprise me with him at my desk (which would have been equal parts amazing and embarrassing because there is the biggest Holes poster draped over the back of my desk).
  6. But then he went to the Times Square office and nobody informed me and now I'm sad.
  7. But the fact that they thought to do that alone was the nicest thing that anyone has ever even thought to do for me.
  8. Anyways that's the time I almost met Shia... And then didn't. Womp womp.